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Tom featured in New Model Adviser

Top Tips for aspiring advisers.

Tom has again been features in the industry leading New Model Adviser magazine, part of the CityWire group. As part of their Top 35 advisers under the age of 35, Tom was approached for comment on what advice he would give aspiring advisers. Tom says;

"Question everything. Question your clients’ goals and objectives (politely) to get your clients thinking and engaged in their finances. Question the way your company works, the processes employed and the outcomes for clients. Question whether your company’s ethos fits in with your idea of financial planning.

Question your own knowledge. Where are the gaps? Learn from others and your own experiences. Always keep an eye on the wider world. What is changing and what will become best practice? Are you and your employer prepared? Do not be afraid to move employer. Find a firm that represents your values."

The full article can be found here.

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