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Wealth Management

What sets us apart?

At White Oak Financial Planning we believe innovation and adaptation are the key to investment success. We implement market leading technology into our investment process to give our clients the edge over the competition. 

Our core investment portfolios* utilise a computer algorithm to asses the funds you hold and review your investments monthly. This monthly active approach is far more hands on than the typical IFA. No more funds from companies with the largest marketing budgets, or last years winners. Our portfolios are based on data, are totally unbiased and give you a completely impartial view of the situation at all times

As the algorithm is a computer program, it works purely on data and can therefore be guaranteed to work entirely in your interest. It does not involve the issue of misaligned incentives which can potentially occur with a traditional model. 

Below is a short video that discusses the algorithm and why we believe innovation, data and impartiality are key to client investment outcomes. 


Wealth Management
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*The offering described above is our core investment offering. Other investment approaches and styles may be recommended if deemed more suitable to the situation

Why use our Wealth Management Service?

Firstly ask yourself if you would benefit from having your wealth actively managed? If you have a current adviser ask yourself how often your money is really being monitored? Are recommendations only made at your annual review? Is that a coincidence as to when changes should be made or are your funds only looked at just before a meeting? 

  • You want to benefit from market leading technology

  • You want your money to be actively managed in the truest sense

  • You want your money to be managed away from the human biases towards certain companies or managers and herd mentality

  • Ultimately you want to be reassured that your money is working hard for you

Here to Serve You

White Oak's unique approach to wealth management centres on objective and pertinent advice, driven by intelligent and trusted relationships. Expert at navigating the complexities of today’s financial world, we ensure your wealth works for you.

Our risk-based approach to portfolio construction ensures your investments are invested and managed according to your own risk profile and needs.


Wealth Management Process

Understanding You

Risk Profiled Portfolio

Active Management and Regular Reviews

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